Worked As A Tailor, Now Known As Radhe Maa : Here are 10 Facts about her that you would like to know

After the chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh here comes his satirical soulmate Radhe Maa who is in the news for her unique way of dealing with her devotees. In 2015, she behaved obscenely in a party, and that attracted a lot of attention from various people. Not only this, she has also been accused of dancing lasciviously to Bollywood numbers, hugging and kissing her followers, and inciting people to harass a bride for dowry. 

A 'spiritual leader' based at Borivali, Mumbai gauged a lot of attention for doing certain things that any genuine or usual spiritual leader wouldn't do otherwise.

But who is this person anyway? Where did she come from? What does she do? How did she shot to fame in such a short span of time? I know, all of you would have such questions in your mind, we have listed down 10 important facts that every one of us must know before it gets too late and we read another headline about her. 

1. Radhe Maa is obviously not her real name.
As per the information provided on her Wikipedia page, her real name is Sukhvinder Kaur. I mean, how many of us knew that?

2. Do you know her birthdate? 
She was born on 3 March 1965 in Dorangala village of Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

3. Any idea about her educational qualification?
Kaur studied till class four, and after that, she married to Mohan Singh at the age of 17. Sources say, till then she was not completely exposed to spirituality.

4. Her past profession was completely opposite of what she does right now.
Earlier, she used to stitch clothes to supplement her husband's small income. After her husband left for Doha (Qatar) in search of a better job, she got involved in spirituality.

5. Ever wondered how did she get this unique name?
At the age of 23, she became a disciple of Mahant Ramdeen Das of 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian in Hoshiarpur district who gave her the name Radhe Maa.

6. She has been accused of obscene behaviour.
According to India Times, Radhe Maa has been accused of indecent behaviour by advocate Falguni Brahmbhatt who has filed a complaint of obscenity, as the God-woman reportedly allows her followers to kiss and hug her.

7. Do you know she's a grandmother too?
She is blessed with three children, and in fact, she is a grandmother as well. Followers, however, claim that the relationship between Radhe Maa and her husband and children is that of guru and disciple.

8. One of the brutal decisions taken against her.
She has been banned from the Nashik Kumbh Mela on August 29, 2015, by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand. Why this decision? Well, it is because they feel, the entry of pretenders is rising in the sacred arena of sadhus and mahants.

9. Who are the main disciples of Radhe Maa?
Talli Baba and Choti Maa are main disciples of Radhe Maa. Talli Baba forwards the proposal to Choti Maa who then approaches Radhe Maa. Choti Maa is the only authority who gets to see Radhe Maa, and she is the foremost sevika of Guru Maa, who has been granted the divine power by Radhe Maa.
What I'm gonna show you next will work as a shocker for everyone out there.

10. And this one is the true shocker!
When she was spotted in a red skirt and a cap, allegedly taking photos in Dubai, we came to the conclusion she owns a different wardrobe too.

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