Top 10 Indian Popular Content Sharing Websites

Content has been, is and will be the most powerful element in marketing and promotion. With social media, content sharing and promotion has become all the more simplified. Contents are now used extensively for all forms of promotion. Top content sharing websites promoting informative and interesting content are on high demand now.
India too, is not far behind in generating kick-ass content that share the different socio-cultural and technological aspects of the subcontinent. The power of content-sharing has been recognized as a potential platform for promoting business and brand image. Young entrepreneurs are using the top content sharing websites heavily to reach out to a higher number of target audiences. This has been a successful technique as many young entrepreneurs have gained success through heavy content sharing on different sites.Get to know the world from these content sharing websites which feature articles, videos and different forms of matter relating to all the fields, be it drama, humor, social issues, etc.

Here are a list of top 10 Popular Content Sharing Websites In India :

Rajnikant Vs CID Jokes with facebook fan following of 11 Million launched its Viral website last year and reached among Top 1000 Indian Sites without wasting any time. They generate multiple stories and trending news daily, curated from all around the web.
Founded : NA
Founders : Ankit Mor
Website :

The Logical Indian was initially started by Abhishek Mazumdar in 2013 as a Facebook page. Through this page, Mazumdar planned to highlight the news and messages that were not covered or were ignored by popular media houses. The page with its powerful news and messages soon became popular with a huge number of daily visitors to the page. The website of The Logical Indian was launched a year later in 2014. Since then there was no looking back. The website regularly posts news and messages on various social issues and cultural loopholes that are often ignored by traditional media and sensationalized otherwise.
The website currently has an average monthly visitor of around 7.40 million according to SimilarWeb Stats. This number has been increasing with higher access to information. The Logical Indian that stated as a single Facebook page now has around 15 people working for providing information and bringing up the real life issues of Indians.
Founded : 2014
Founder : Abhishek Mazumdar
Website :

YourStory is one of the top content sharing websites that highlights the stories of different entrepreneurs of India. It is a platform that tells the stories of various entrepreneurs, their struggle and their successes.
YourStory has been the platform for a number of businesses and entrepreneurs to network and connect for their business purposes. It has also successfully delivered inspiring stories of over 15,000 entrepreneurs and startups along with their struggles to reach the pinnacle.
Currently YourStory has a monthly traffic of over 5 million globally. With a passionate drive to bring forward the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and helping them gain recognition YourStory has partnered with big brands to spread your words far and wide. Some of the prominent partners of YourStory include Google, Amazon, Dell, Qualcomm to name a few.
•  Founded : 2008
•  Founder : Shradha Sharma
•  Website :

WittyFeed is an Internet media company based in Indore (India). It is a blogging platform for “charticles”, which are combinations of text and images rather than in-depth articles, and its content mostly concerns pictures, celebrities, facts intended to shock, and grotesque videos.
WittyFeed was founded in 2014 by Vinay Singhal (CEO) along with two co-founders, Parveen Singhal and Shashank Vaishnav, as Vatsana Technologies.
Wittyfeed focused on User Generated Content and connected these contents to Social Influencers from around the world who share Wittyfeed’s article. If we go by numbers than it generates four times more traffic than Scoopwhoop.
•  Founded : 2014
•  Founders : Shashank Vaishnav, Parveen Singhal, Vinay Singhal
•  Website :

6. revamped its main site few months back to look like a Youth Oriented Viral Content based site and they succeeded in their attempt. Now it is one of the most shareable link on Social Media channels. Indiatimes is part of Times Internet.
•  Founded : NA
•  Founders : NA
•  Website :

Being Indian is one of the top Youtube Channels producing Funny Contents and Viral Videos. They launched BeingIndian as a Viral Content website which is growing at a significant rate. It is owned by Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd. A Digital Media Company that was founded in 2013.
•  Founded : 2013
•  Founders : Sameer Pitalwalla, Venkat Prasad
•  Website :

4. is a lifestyle website which publish contents for men. It is one of the top content sharing websites that deal with everything masculine. It is essentially a lifestyle website that provides contents including blogs, images, videos, GIFs and other DIY stuffs that men need in their day-to-day life.
Created by Angad Bhatia, the website made its appearance in 2009. However, it was not till the next year until the website gained quite a viewership. The website deals with topics like health, relationships, fashion, grooming, sports and entertainment. It includes any and everything that men might be interested in.
Founded : 2009
Founder : Angad Bhatia
Website :

3. Buzzfeed India
Buzzfeed is probably the Mother of Modern Day’s Viral Sites in all over the world. Their Content Quality can’t be matched and their versatility from News to Quiz and poll is their USP.
Founded : 2006
Founders : John Johnson, Jonah Peretti
Website :

2. Storypick
Storypick is another Indian site which curates content from web from trending topics to lesser known stories. They have in house Writers and Curators who publish best and shareable contents on website.
•  Founded : 2013
•  Founders : Tonmoy Goswami and Sangeeta Sarma
•  Website :

1. Scoopwhoop
ScoopWhoop is one of the top content sharing websites that have been gaining brand image at a galloping pace. With nearly 25 million active monthly visitors to the website, the content sharing site has cool information to share. The content of the website however, is not always on serious issues. ScoopWhoop gathers and posts contents of all sorts. The taste of the content too is a bit global in nature.
The stories and contents curated by the content-sharing site is mainly aimed for the youth of the country. However, it includes all kinds of news and information from movies to sports to politics. The website has already received a funding of around $150,000 against company stakes and another $4 million from Kalaari Capital. The website aims to expand and improve their video sharing platform for a better user experience.
Company received 10 Crore Rs. Funding from Bharti Softbank (Which also owns Hike Messenger) valuing it to 40 Crore.
Founded : 2013
Founders : Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Sriparna Tikekar, Debarshi Banerjee, Saransh Singh, Sattvik Mishra, Suparn Pandey
Website :

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