18 Indians Who Should Not Be Allowed On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook helps people connect with their friends and family. It allows people to upload photos and videos and share them with whomever they want. But there are some people who have no idea at all how the social networking site works and they upload photos and comment things that shouldn’t be on the internet. Here are at least nineteen people who should not be allowed on Facebook.

1. This guy who wants ‘blesses’ from you for his brother’s first night.

2. This newly married guy who goes for honeymoon with his wife and her sister.

3. This girl who has no idea how tagging works.

4. These girls who made fun of natural disaster with ‘earthquake wala selfie’. God bless them!

5. This idiot who finds earthquake ‘terrific’.

6. This dude who is the son of four fathers.

7. This moron who boasts about his first challan and takes selfie with a traffic police.

8. And this killer.

9. This boy who thinks Facebook is Google.

10. And that vampire with creepy comment!

11. This dude who survived a plane crash and has a photoshop skills above 9999 level.

12. Ladies, are you still be able to control your BP right now?

13. Or aren’t you already mad at this handsome dude?

14. This guy who is obsessed about his feet. Yuck…

15. And those Facebook Romeos who ask random girls on Facebook for marriage.

16. This guy who just copies Emraan Hashmi.

17. This pervert who learnt a shocking lesson for harassing a girl on Facebook.

18. This excited guy who is about to have the best day of his life. With four others at Hotel…?

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