Napne Waterfall

Konkan is famous for its seasonal monsoon waterfalls. During monsoon one can see number of waterfalls cascading down along the mountain range. But all these waterfalls vanish once the monsoon is over. Napane waterfall is an exception. This is the only round the year waterfall in Sindhudurg. Napane is a small remote village in Vaibhavwadi tehsil. This fall has its origin at Nadhavde, 5kms upstream. At Nadhavade a water spring has sprouted suddenly at one place. Locals call it as ‘umala’. After a journey of some 4-5kms, the river jumps down resulting in a splendid waterfall. Surrounded by lush green forests this spot has a scenic beauty. One can have a chance to study variety of flora and fauna here. Many species of birds can be seen and heard here.

Best time to visit: 
Though Napane is the only round the year waterfall in the district best time to visit is September to early February. During this period one can enjoy the grandeur of this waterfall.
Getting there:
Napane is 15kms away from Vaibhavvawadi. A motorable road branches off from Nadhavade, a village on Vaibhavvawadi- Talere road. From Nadhavade, distance is 9kms. The road is in fairly good condition. If you are using NH-17, either you can take left at Talere and visit Napane via Nadhavade or can take left at Nadgive and join Nadhavade-Napane road in between. If traveling by Konkan Rail, alight at Vaibhavwadi station.

Napane has very few residential facilities offering only basic facilities. A day excursion is advised. For a comfortable stay one can choose Kankavli (40kms) or Talere where good quality accommodation is available. 

Places to see nearby:
Bhalchandra Maharaj Ashram , 40kms

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