23 Celebrity Duplicates That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Imagine how would your doppelganger be! The idea itself is creepy right? Well, everyone of us has a twin across the globe and we so wish we could meet him/her at least once in life. For some, this might just be a myth, but with proofs surfacing over the internet, people are believing it to be the reality.
Nowadays, we come across headlines where doppelgangers of celebrities are highlighted. No doubt, we are surprised by looking at those pictures, but at the end, we need to believe that it’s the truth.

Here we are with 23 celebrity look alike photographs; you are surely going to enjoy this list.

1.  Sonakshi Sinha & Priya Mukherjee

2. Akshay Kumar & Shaun Micheals

3. Anne Hathaway & Diya Mirza

4. Bradley Cooper & Hrithik Roshan

5. Federer & Arbaaz Khan

6. Gandhi Ji

7. Gurmeet Singh Sethi & Manmohan Singh

8. Jeetendra & Sheen

9. Jeevan Sharma & Virendra Sehwag

10. John Abraham & One Of His Fan

11. Junaid Shad & Ranbir Kapoor

12. Kapil Sibal & Wormtail

13. Nazia Hassan & Anushka Sharma

14. Phillip Rhys & Tushar Kapoor

15. Sachin Tendulkar & His Fan

16. Sahil Makhija & Pritam

17. Saif Ali Khan & Indian Oil Attendant

18. Salman Khan & His Body Double

19. Virat Kohli & Dominic Cooper

20. Ahmed Shehzad & Virat Kohli

21. Johnny Depp & Indian Rickshaw Puller

22. Virat Kohli & Resident Of Pakistan

23. Ajay Devgan and his look alike

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