Before And After Pics of the World that Shows World Has Changed Over Time

Then and now, before and after pictures are always a fascinating thing to watch. They take you back and forth in time, giving you the glimpse of the past and present. These conceptual pictures tell a story of their own, stories of revolution and evolution.

There wasn't any hub before which could centralize the collection of such images which are art in themselves, so, decided to build a website that allows people to upload, share and align pictures of the past. The site is slowly gaining popularity on the internet, and they've already collected some of the best 'then and now' pictures. We've compiled some of them here for you to see.

Have a look!

Rysstad, Norway
Well, there's one thing on which all of us could agree, their decision of not to touch that white building was remarkable. By the way, Rysstad is a village in Valle municipality, Norway.

Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway
Isn't it looking peaceful? It's been just two pictures from Norway, and I'm kind of already in love with their infrastructural progress that doesn't disturb the things of the past.

Martin Luther's statue, Dresden, Germany
The re-creation of Europe after the war era has been insanely interesting.

Quai Des Nations, Paris, France.
The old version of the picture shows buildings, and currently, there are trees now, so it feels great that it changed for the good.

Pripyat, Ukraine
The picture above was taken right before the Chernobyl meltdown (Chernobyl disaster).

Hofbräuhaus München, Germany
Don't you feel a certain nostalgia? (even if you haven't visited the place). The building looks the same.

Chaney Glacier, USA
The question is, all the ice melted due to global warming, or is it just another season?

Corner Of Ratajczaka And Św. Marcin Streets, Poznań, Poland
It's corner of Ratajczaka and Św. Marcin Streets. "Skrzyżowanie" means "crossroads" in Polish.

Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
I wish they had kept the old style facade, it was beautiful. The new one isn't much to look at.

Reichstag, Germany
The before picture showed Germany when Hitler ruled it, and the one you see is the modern version.

Eiffel Tower, France
To be very honest about my feelings, the old Eiffel Tower looks more romantic, and look that adequately aligned building in the center.

Horse Cart And Steam Locomotive, Mont Saint-Michel, France
Isn't it looking more like a Disneyland's castle?

Hammerfest, Norway
What good can you possibly say about a place like this which isn't less than a scenery.

Marcin Street, Poznan, Poland
How amazing it is to know that a lot of people walk on that place every day, and they may or may not know what has happened there in the past.

Osnabrück, Germany
Original field boundaries ending up forming the way for road and street.

Paris, France
Through this picture on can tell it quickly that the entire Paris has gone through a tremendous infrastructural development, yet it never lost its original essence.

Frauenkirche Dresden, Dresden, Germany
The original construction of this building was destroyed almost entirely during the world war II. The current one has been re-built in the year 2005 only.

Osnabrück Central Railway Station, Germany
It would look even more beautiful if we could remove all the bikes and cars. What do you think?

Nowomiejska Street, Łódź, Poland
Well, this particular picture depicts the evolution of railways in Poland.

Szyperska Street, Poznań, Poland
The current version of the location looks so much better than the previous one, isn't it?

Karlstor, Munich, Germany
Sometimes it feels terrible that the re-building or revamping of these places misses out the unique and essential part of the design.

Osnabrück, Germany
All I can see in these pictures are those glittering, beautiful, city lights.

Kjeåsen Railway Bridge, Kjeåsen, Norway
The only thing which has changed from then to now is the solidity of the bridge.

Köln Domplatte, Germany
Everything is beautiful about eradicating the same place again, except for the fact that those benches don't belong there. They're killing the beauty of the area.

Poznan, Poland
Apart from telling its history, the picture also shows how population exploded in Poland.

Notre Dame, Paris, France
The flèche, a type of spire in the middle is restored around 1864 after it torn down in French Revolution.

Japanese Troops Advancing Through Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I see this picture differently. 1942 = Japanese Troops, where as 2016 = Japanese tourists.

Most Kłodny, Poland
In case you don't know, 'most' means 'bridge' in Poland.

The Place Des Victoires, Paris, France
The Place des Victoires is a circular place in Paris, located at the short distance between 1st and the 2nd arrondissements.

Pavillons Of The Nations, Paris, France
It feels very embarrassing to know that all the ornate buildings are gone.

Rentforter Straße, Germany

That's all, folks!

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