Do You Know? Why Some Roads Have White Markings While Others Have Yellow Marking!

There is no doubt that roadways are the most used means of transport across the globe. Road network in India is over 46 lakh kilometers thereby making it the second largest road network in the world. In order to maintain vast road networks efficiently, people have started using markings and signs along the roads. These markings also serve as safety measures. Have you ever seen white or yellow line markings on roads and wondered why they are used for? Most of you might have thought about it but couldn’t find the answer.  So we decided to find the reason behind it and came across the answer from a quora user.

There are several types of markings. Some of them are explained below:

White broken lines imply that you can change the lane on one-way road if it is safe in changing the lane.

Solid white lines mean you must not change the lane. Generally, white lines are used in one way traffic.

Yellow lines are used for 2-way traffic. Solid yellow lane mean you must stay in the lane and no passing is allowed.

Broken yellow lines imply that you can change the lane on a two-way road if it is safe in doing so.

Road studs are used to provide some lighting on the roads where there is no sufficient lighting. These studs work on the principle of cat’s eye.

When light enters cat eyes they will reflect back to the emitting source, this is known as cat’s eye principle. In India, we call these road studs as radium lights.
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