10 Incredibly Expensive Substitutes Of Our Favorite Food Items !!

In between the major meals of the day, people can’t stop grabbing some snacks. In fact, snacks are one of the most integral parts of our life. We always want something to munch through while we are watching a movie or resting or just strolling around. Everyone knows that these things are not good for health but still they can’t help it.

Added to this is the easy affordability of these things-you can buy these at prices as less as Rs10. But do you know these are expensive versions of the same things you grab? Here is the list of 10 such things which have the ability to make your jaw drop with their prices:

1. You can buy a packet of potato chips for Rs10. And there are significant numbers of chips in that packet. But there is an expensive version of the same chips that costs Rs3614 and that too for only 5 chips!

2. A can of Coca Cola is Rs 25. But the Coca Cola Factory Error Can costs over one crore and God knows who spends money in such stuff!

3. A packet of The Titanic “Pilot” Biscuit costs Rs. 1,248,040 probably because it survived the drowning of Titanic!

4. Le Livre chocolates, which tastes same as the Rs. 160 Cadbury Dairy Mild Silk, costs Rs. 35,502 because the box in which it comes is lined with gold which is definitely not edible!

5.Organic Avenue Cleanse costs Rs 38,370. Come on, we can have Tropicana with Rs 20! It cleanse out pockets too.

6. There is hardly any Indian who has not tasted Maggi. This two-minute noodles in very much loved by everyone. While Harrod’s Pot Noodles comes at Rs. 3488.83, we are very curious to know about its ingredients.

7. Our all time favourite cheese is provided by Britannia with just Rs. 126 for 200 grams. A kilogram of Pule’s cheese costs about Rs. 83,095.

8. You can feed yourself a plate full of sandwich from the Roadside Uncle’s stall at just Rs. 15. However, Serendipity Three Quintessential Grilles Sandwich comes around Rs 13,801.

9. This one is hilarious! A cup of ice cream can always make anyone happy. It is also very sootging fpr your pockets as it costs only Rs 10. Serendipity 3 again comes with its Golden Opulence which costs Rs 64,494 for no reason!

10. Ever thought about diamond cake? When it comes to cake, nothing beats Britannia which works as a major agent to serve our hunger pangs for ages! This Rs 10 cake can fall for major complex because of this diamond cake which costs Rs 1,07,060,040.

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