Kid Who Played Childhood Role Of Amitabh Bachchan In Movies Is Now A Businessman

Have you ever noticed that the child actors have always been the center of attraction in the movies? Just like other Bollywood blockbusters of earlier times, film Coolie was among the best movies given by Amitabh Bachchan for which he was appreciated worldwide. But it wasn't just a blockbuster for him.

You must have remember the kid who played Amitabh Bachchan's childhood in the same movie. The kid got pretty famous in the industry as Master Ravi, but as he grew up, he was recognized as Ravi Valecha.

You might be thinking that though there are various child artists in the industry, why are we focusing just on this kid. Well, it is because Ravi himself left Bollywood and now he is living his life in such a remarkable way. C'mon, let's see what he is doing these days.

It all began with Amar Akbar Anthony.
Master Ravi, who has now changed his name to Ravi Valecha, played 'child Amitabh' in another super hit film Amar Akbar Anthony that released in 1977.

He has acted in various movies.
Ravi, who has appeared in over 300 films of different languages, is now 46 and has made a career out of movies.

His dialogues melted many hearts.
"Chhotu, tujhe bhook lagi hain..." dialogue from the movie Amar Akbar Anthony melted many hearts. It was this film that he justified to be a long racehorse.

He has been a part of the television show as well.
Master Ravi has acted in films like Coolie, Amar Akbar Anthony, Desh Premi, Shakti, Mr. Natwarlal and much more. Ravi has even acted in a few episodes of 90's popular show 'Shanti'. 

His first film was 'Fakira'.
Born on 6th June 1971, Ravi stepped into the acting world with the film 'Fakira' as a child artist. 

After acting, he decided to make a career into hospitality.
After acting in a string of films, he decided to make a career in the hospitality and pursued Masters in Hospitality and International Business from National Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

He is a trainer as well.
Today, Ravi is a popular name in the hospitality industry and overlooks hospitality management in India's top banks. According to the sources, he also gives training on personality development and other skills to children who aspire to make it big in hospitality.

His decision of leaving glamour world was not easy, but it later paid off.
His decision of leaving the glamour world and going to another profession was not an easy task. But Ravi proved his decision correct as today Ravi is the owner of his own business. 

He shared his experience of working with Big B.
Sharing his experience of working with Amitabh, Ravi said that the star never makes you feel small (child artist) or junior, on the sets. 

He took the decision for himself.
Ravi is an example of how one has to be confident about his/her decision. A wise man once said that it is very important to know who you are, 'to make decisions, to show who you are'.

I hope you liked the story.

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