A 7-Year-Old Girl Wrote To Google CEO Sundar Pichai For A Job. Here’s What He Replied

‘I have a dream. Someday I’ll work at Google.’ – said every average Indian engineer ever. Forget working at Google, people are known to add ‘Cleared third round of interview with Google‘ in their CVs.
That’s the reputation of the 75 Billion USD tech giant.
A lot has been spoken about the work culture of Google and its splendid offices. This just adds to the insane amount of exposure which one might get by working at one of the biggest innovators of this millennium.
How we wish we could, at least once in our lifetime.

Similar are the wishes of a 7-year-old girl from the UK, Chloe Bridgewater.

As kids, our ambitions weren’t constrained by societal pressure and fear. We dreamt of things that genuinely excited us. For Chloe, working at Google is that dream. And also, to work in a chocolate factory and swim in the Olympics.

The 7-year old’s adorable letter to the Google Boss is breaking the internet for many reasons. Have a look.

The girl described how she’d like to sit on bean bags, go down on slides and ride go-karts at Google. She later shared her love for computers and how she solved a game which her Dad suggested would be good to learn about computers.
Cuteness overloaded.
Sundar Pichai too couldn’t hold himself back and responded to this letter. Andy Bridgewater, the girl’s father, shared Pichai’s response on Twitter.
my 7 yr old daughter wrote to the boss of Google asking for a job, she's so made up he replied! Thanks @sundarpichai
The response was,
Dear Chloe,
Thank you so much for your letter. I’m glad that you like computer and robots,and hope you will continue to learn about technology. I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to — from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics. I looke forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school! 🙂
All the best to you and your family.
This conversation is winning the hearts of everyone and we bet you won’t see anything better on the internet today.

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