Bid Goodbye To Torrent Websites! They Might No More Be Available On Search Engines From This Date

The days of your favorite torrent websites are coming to an end now, as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have decided to ban them from appearing in their search results.

As per a report published in TorrentFreak, the officials of search engine firms including Google met the people from entertainment industry in UK and a deal is on the cards. British Intellectual Property office has also played a very important role in this deal. There has been a unanimous decision of banning all the torrent websites which provide with content that is copyrighted, such as music, TV shows and movies.

According to Baroness J.P. Buscombe of Digital Economy Bill committee,

“Since the idea was last discussed in Parliament, Intellectual Property Office officials have chaired a further round table meeting between search engines and representatives of the creative industries.”

The authorities of UK want to see this bill come into power by June 1, 2017. Buscombe also said that the search engines “have been very co-operative, making changes to their algorithms and processes, but also working bilaterally with creative industry representatives to explore the options for new interventions and how existing processes might be streamlined”.
As far as future of torrent websites in India is concerned, the Indian government has already started working as well as taken some steps to ban them through local internet service providers, such as Tata, Airtel and other telecom operators. The deal is being signed in UK but it may inspire India as well to go for such a deal.
Are you going to miss torrent websites? What do you think about this? Share your views in the comments section below.
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