Superpower F1 To F12: These Shortcut Keys Have Given A New Meaning To Our Keyboard

These are the FUNCTION keys from F1 to F12 having different functions. Each of the function keys function which depends upon the operating system & the running application. An application may or may not be capable of using the function keys for the desired function but it is sometimes capable of working with the combination of Alt or Ctrl key. Early IBM computers had F13 and F14 keys as well. Those computers/keyboards no longer exist and hence are not the part of our list.

We have brought you numerous uses of the function keys which allow you to have all the ease.

1. F1 – F2

2. F3 – F4

3. F5 – F6

4. F7 – F8

5. F9 – F10

6. F11 – F12

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