Top 10 Marathi Songs of 2016!

2016 has been a musical year for Marathi Cinema. The success of many Marathi films can well be credited to the music of those films. The best part about songs that came out this year is definitely their diversity! From rocking dance numbers to soulful romantic melodies, we had it all! So let’s see which songs have made it to our list!

10) Dolby Walya Bolaav Majhya DJ La (Jaundya Na Balasaheb)
‘This is the sound of Ajay-Atul’, this tagline probably defines Marathi film music in 2016. Sung by a unique voice, Nagesh Morwekar & filled with uniquely quirky lyrics by Ajay. ‘Dolbywalya’ from ‘Jaundya Na Balasaheb’ has become a crowd favorite in no time. It’s been playing at every public festivals & events all over Maharashtra!
9) O Kaka (YZ)
This fantastical fun song written by the super talented Kshitij Patwardhan, sung by rockstar Adarsh Shinde & composed by the trio of Hrishikesh, Saurabh & Jasraj is one of its kind in every way. It literally causes ‘havoc’ to the conventional idea of an item song. The best part is the commentary that this song makes on love, relationships & everything in between! ‘O Kaka’ transcends the theme of ‘YZ’ which is an integral part of the film.
8) Labbad Gabbad (Half Ticket)
‘Half Ticket’ was a special film, & its music was equally special & unique. All the songs are so pleasing to hear & can be heard repeatedly. We choose ‘Labbad Gabbad’ for its strangeness that creates a feel of a magical world! The lyrics by Kshitij Patwardhan again are extremely important here & so are the vocals by Harshawardhan Wavare & Aditya Patekar.
7) Baba – Priyanka Chopra (Ventilator)
How often do we find a song that works as the perfect promotional piece for the film & reflects the heart & soul of a film! ‘Baba’ from Ventilator is one such beauty. Priyanka Chopra’s mesmerizing voice makes you feel ‘at peace’ whenever you listen to it. Young composers Rohan & Rohan also deserve credit for their soulful sound in this song.
6) Vaat Disu De (Jaundya Na Balasaheb)
By a far distance the most underrated song of 2016. In a way it’s a typical Ajay-Atul classic & still sounds exceptionally fresh. Moreover it also helps the narrative of the film & communicates more than any scene or dialogue from the film ‘Jaundya Na Balasaheb’. This song inspires us to keep fighting our battles even in dark times, as the path of honesty & hard work can change our fortune!
5) Mituni Lochne
The ultimate grandfather-grandchildren song from ‘Natsamrat’, flows like pure river water through us every time we listen to it. The way this song engrosses tragedy with happiness is purely magical. Composer Ajit Parab, singer Vijaypraksh & especially the lyricist Guru Thakur deserve tons of love for giving us this song.
4) Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla
Ok we all know, all songs of ‘Sairat’ are a must in this list. So here’s the first, one that represents the energy & style of ‘Archana Patil’ aka ‘Archi’ in its purest form. The blend of soft core melody & hard rock somehow symbolizes the character of ‘Archi’ & the future graph of her character in the film. As the dashing ‘Archi’ is later transformed into an emotionally deep human who can last the toughest test of time.
3) Sairat Jhala Ji
The title song of ‘Sairat’ the ultimate romantic duet, is so extremely important to the narrative. Through this song we experience Archi & Parshya’s love that has now starting to blossom. Ajay’s voice in this song doesn’t just hit our emotional chords but also our spiritual self. Both Ajay-Atul consider this song as their most favorite in the album.
2) Zingaat
At number two is the song on which the whole of India (& even abroad) danced in 2016. The raw energy that is complemented by technical brilliance by the musical maestros Ajay-Atul makes ‘Zingaat’ a dance number that tempts small & old, rich & poor, smart & dumb all of them to come on the dance floor. We all must have danced countless times on ‘Zingaat’! Haven’t we?
1) Yad Lagla
‘Oh Parshya..Tikda Archi Aaliy ARCHI’ & Parshya Jumps off the boat in slow motion & the crowd whistles, cheers & aplaudes our hero who is on his way to meet his heroine at the well! Magic, pure cinematic & musical magic! ‘Yad Lagla’ was the very first song that came out through the teasers of ‘Sairat’ & it remains the most magical Marathi song of recent times & even in the future it will difficult for any other song to replace it.
Honorable Mentions:
  • Tu Jithe Mi Tithe (Photocopy)
  • Man Manjiri (Kaul Manacha)
  • Awaaz Vadhav DJ (Poshter Girl)
  • Baby Bring It On (Jaundya Na Balasaheb)
  • Bai Wadyavar Ya (Jalsa )
  • Ya Re Ya Sare Ya (Ventilator)
  • Ti Mi (Phuntroo)
  • Priyakara (YZ)
  • Golu Polu (Vazandar)
  • Mumbai Anthem (Lalbaugchi Rani)
  • Chal Chal Chal Chal (Half Ticket)
  • Krishna Janmala Kanha
  • Morya Re – Bedardi
  • Dashing Govinda – Vrundavan
  • Pipani (Photocopy)
  • Tu Tu Tana Vazandar
  • Jagdamb (Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari)
  • Rakhumaai Rakhumaai (Poshter Girl )
  • Chand Matala (Laal Ishq)

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