Vijaydurg Beach

Vijaydurg Beach is the most outstanding and secluded beach in Indian state of Maharashtra. This beach is located near Konkan region and can be visited by the arrivals as it is connected by many roads that travel from various cities and districts. Moreover this beach has got greenery with scenic natural beauty all around. It even inhabits many activities and admirable points for its visitors.

Vijaydurg beach has established itself as the best tourists destination point as because it holds many admirable attraction sites. This beach contains an ancient fort known as Vijaydurg fort which is situated close to this beach. Historical lovers love to visit this beach as they can explore this historical heritage which has great beliefs behind. Besides fort this beach even inhabits a well known old temple known as Rameshwar temple and it is situated inside the fort. Even a wide number of devotees can be seen visiting this beach so that they can even worship their deities at the temple.
Vijaydurg beach has got a fair number of activities for its arrivals. This beach is known for its outdoor fun deeds. Tourists planning a trip for Vijaydurg beach will come across numerous recreational activities such as swimming, scuba diving, water surfing, skiing and parasailing. Even this beach can be enjoyed by nature admirers as they can spend their moments by exploring some aquatic mammals and species and even can enjoy bird watching. Several migratory birds can be seen at this beach even many turtles lay their eggs at this beach. Furthermore this beach has amazing sunset and sunrise views. The green plantations and coconut trees provide soothing experience to the arrivals. Visitors can even relax and enjoy sunbathing at this beach.

Getting There:
By Road : Vijaydurga beach is about 425 kilo-meters away from Mumbai,390 km away from Pune.
By Rail : Rajapur and Kudal are the nearest railheads.

Places to visit nearby:
1. Vijaydurg Fort
2. Devbag Beach
3. Malvan Beach
4. Sindhudurg Fort

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