Rock Garden, Malvan

Rock garden is  a well-maintained and naturally decorated garden, an attraction of Malvan. The rocks are really huge with the waves smashing on them with full vigour. If you visit Malvan, a visit to the rock garden cannot be missed. The crabs running around on the rocks give a wonderful glimpse of the rich marine life.

Garden is quite descent with greenery and flowers all around Best part is you can go towards sea from garden. it’s an ideal place to just plonk and watch the sunset. Ideal for budding photographers.

Getting there: 
By air: Nearest is Mumbai.
By rail: Nearest railhead is Kudal, 45 k.m. on Konkan Railway.
By road: Mumbai–Malvan, 546 k.m.,Kolhapur–Tarkarli , 160 k.m., Malvan–Chivla Beach 500 meter.
State transport buses ply From Mumbai, Kolhapur or Pune to Malvan .
Rickshaws are also available from Malvan.

Places to see nearby:

Sindhudurg Fort , 500 meter., one of Maharashtra’s more popular and important sea fort, built in the 17th century and the famous Padmagad fort.  
1) Chivla Beach
2) Bhagwati Temple   
3) Bharadi Devi Angnewadi
4) Jay Ganesh Temple
5) Rameshwar Temple 
6) Amboli Hill Station 
7) Bhalachandra Maharaj Ashram   
8) Kunkeshwar Temple and Beach
9) Bhogve Beach   
10) Nivati Beach   
11) Shiroda Velagar Beach
12) Dhamapur Lake 


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