12 Biggest Lies In The History Of India All Of Us Belived In

It may seem harder for u to believe after reading this article but the list of things we are going to present you now will surely blow up your mind. There have been many misconceptions in the History of India, I repeat, Misconceptions. 
From kings who ruled this land to the gods who walked this soil, our country has come a long way. With history, came along lies that are largely believed to be true by Indians. Here are 12 such lies that are easily the biggest lies ever told to Indians.

1. This Picture Of Gandhi Dancing With A White British Lady
Fell for it? The man in the photo dancing with a lady is not Mahatma Gandhi. This is actually an Australian actor dressed like Gandhi for a party. Gandhi is definitely one role model; we’ve got actors dressing like him.

2. Hockey Is India’s National Sport
Blame it on our school text books, we were always told that hockey is India’s national sport. Well, it’s not! There’s no national sport of India. In an RTI reply, the Sports Ministry has made it clear that it has not declared there has not been any official order or notification which calls hockey the national game, whereas the web portal of the government, www.india.gov.in, has posted an article calling hockey India’s National Game. The fact remains that it was never declared our national sport even though it is all over our NCERT textbooks.

3. India Was Disqualified From FIFA World Cup 1950 Because Players Wanted To Play Barefoot
This is one big lie that football administration made us believe in. At the time of the 1950’s FIFA World Cup, Football was one of the top sports played in the country. Despite its popularity, India only got selected for the World Cup because 4 other teams backed out. The route to Brazil was long and costly and AIFF did not have time and money to spend on a team, which was not gonna win anything as we were placed in a group with likes of Italy. To avoid embarrassment the administration blamed the issue on FIFA not accepting players playing barefoot and was upheld by media at that time and the lie continued.

4. Varanasi (Benaras) Is The World’s Oldest Inhabited City In The World
Varanasi is considered the oldest inhabited city of the world. Well, it’s not! It is ‘one of the many oldest inhabited cities’ and there are 30 other cities that existed way before Varanasi in 1100 BC

5. Milkha Singh Looked Back During The 400m Race At The 1960 Rome Olympics
Many believe that our Flying Sikh looked back during the 400m race at the 1960 Rome Olympics but the truth is that he wasn’t even leading in the same race, let alone him looking back. He was fifth in line and with great effort, secured fourth position.

6. Hindi Is The National Language Of India
Probably the most propagated lie in our country. It is merely an official language. Hindi is known as RajBhasha, but not Rashtra Bhasha (Raj =official, Rashtra = National). There are about 18 official languages in the country, including Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, English, etc. The government will continue to promote the language, but all states are free to have their own official languages.

7. Ayodhya has existed since the mystical age of the Ramayan
The modern day town of Ayodhya was set up by King Vikramaditya and didn’t exist during the time period of the Ramayan. It was set up with the aim to recreate its mystic. In fact, there is another town in Thailand by the name of Ayutthaya which holds a similar story to that of the mythology.

8. India Has Been Officially Secular Since 1947
The original Indian Constitution never had the term ‘secular’. It was only an amendment made in 1976 under which the word ‘secular’ was included in the Preamble and other sections. In contrast, the Supreme Court has always upheld the claim that India has been secular since 1947.

9. Subhash Chandra Bose died in a plane crash
The Mukherjee report of 1999 suggests that Bose didn’t die in an air crash in 1945. Even though the court rejected this report, there is no record of a plane crash at the time Bose was believed to be flying. Add to that, no DNA analysis was done on the ashes that are said to be Bose’s to prove otherwise.

10. Indian Railways Has The World’s Largest Employee Base
For years, Indians have believed that the Indian Railways is the largest employer of manpower in the world. This is a stone cold lie because there are organizations like the US Department of Defense, People’s Liberation Army of China, Wal-Mart, and many others that beat Indian Railways to the top of this list. Looks like, finally IRCTC itself is on a waiting list.

11. UNESCO Declares Indian National Anthem Best In The World
The email and social media posts about UNESCO selecting the Indian National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana as the best in the world is completely baseless. This actually became massive news in 2014 fooling quite a number of Indians. Well, this was obviously a hoax which is bound to go down in the history books.

12. “An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind” -Mahatma Gandhi.
If, like us, you also thought that this famous quote belongs to the Mahatma Gandhi’s extensive fancy one-liners, then you’re so mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, these words were actually said by Ben Kingsley in the movie Gandhi. There’s no evidence in Gandhi’s recorded history of him saying this statement.

Were you aware of any of these lies about India that have been propagated since forever?

History is full of lies Guyz!

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