13 Interesting and Amazing Facts About Konkan Railway

Indian Railway is the 3rd largest rail network in the world after US and China. The railways connect almost all parts of India. The Indian railway is divided into 16 zones, through which trains run carrying both freight and passengers. Konkan Railway runs along the Indian west coast parallel to Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. It is an extremely beautiful and scenic route running from Maharashtra till Karnataka. The route and rail line is made and operated by Konkan Railway Corporation and was brought into focus by the dedicated efforts of Railway ministers belonging to this region. Some interesting facts about Konkan railway are:

1. The government of India approved its construction and the foundation was laid in September, 1990.The groundwork for it was done much before the foundation stone was laid.

2. It took 7 years for completion and reduced travelling time between Mumbai, Goa and Cochin considerably.

3. The land for the railway tracks was acquisitioned from more than 40000 land owners, which was a humongous task. Proper compensation was allotted apart from jobs in lieu of the land.

4. It is a difficult terrain to build a railway line due to presence of rocks and clayey soil yet, Konkan railways has succeeded to do the improbable.

5. Apart from Indian railways, Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) was amongst the 1st to build its own railway line. It is partly owned by Government of India, Indian railways and state governments of Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerela.
6. Konkan railway extends for more than 700 kms, covering natural beauties in the form of rivers, mountains, and sea.

7. You can see the most amazing scenic beauty on this route- from lush green Sahyadri Mountains to the Zuari River in Goa and the Dudhsagar waterfall in Karnataka.

8. The presence of Arabian Sea and Western Ghats on either side of the track leads to a large number of tunnels and bridges throughout the route. You can count more than 2000 bridges and 90 + tunnels on this route.

9. The Konkan railway line passes through 3 states of India – Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. There are 56 stations along the un-electrified line.

10. It runs 375 kms of its journey in Maharshtra, 110 kms in Goa and 245 kms through Karnataka.

11. An interesting fact about Konkan railway is that the scenic beauty of this route prompted, train routes being modified to enhance tourism in this region.

12. Monsoons may cause massive landslides in this region. It therefore has two time tables- one for monsoon and another for regular season. 

13. The Konkan railways passes through an area of Deccan plateau, that is prone to earthquakes. These may cause landslides and eventual material loss apart from grave loss of lives.

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