10 Reasons Why Holi Is Not Holy Anymore

With changing times the meaning of festivals and its spirit has also changed. Gone are the days when celebrating with family & friends along with those yummilicious guijya was an excuse to celebrate Holi. To cut things short, the main motive behind festivity has been abandoned, rather replaced by modern approach.

1. Colors ruin your skin, leaving it Rough & Itchy
Gone are the days when colors used to be chemical free and cheap. Now organic color will pinch a hole in your pocket, so forget about enjoying HOLI.

2. Endless Hours of Post-Holi Bathe to Get Rid of the Colors
First 3-4 hours of Applying the Colors, and then another 1 week to get rid of Colors. Truly Troublesome.

3.Fun & Frolic has turned into Fashion & Foul Behavior
Gone are the days when applying color and relishing gujiyas were the motive behind celebrating Holi. Some Lame People take cue for misbehaving these days.

4. It is not Holi any more. Its “Holi Party” now
Venue – Check. DJ-Check. Invitations – Check. C’mon it’s a party after all. Flash the World with your “Holi Party” Pictures.

5. Holi has also become Fashionable
When we were kids the oldest clothes used to be our dress for Holi, later used as a mop. But now, Special designer clothes are bought to celebrate Holi. Generation Gap, I say 

6. Cost of Balloons & ‘Pichkari” are Sky Rocketing
Yes, I agree that ‘Pichkari’ nowadays are very different & trendy. But Holi should be celebrated with Festive Spirit & not for showing off.

7. Treated as Special Event
We used to celebrate Holi by going from one area to another and calling in all the Colony & Lane Friends. But Now, Special Guests & Celebrities are invited to add a dash of color and vibrancy.

8. The significance is lost in the Advanced Society
Do we even know “Holika Dahan” & the story behind it? There are some hidden Indian Values & Mythological reasons behind each festival. Need to Upgrade Ourselves.

9. Being Environment Friendly is more Important now
Yes, we need to conserve water. Save the Environment. But remember when Holi celebration used to start weeks before by throwing water balloons. It’s all banned and annoying now. Festive Spirit seems to be lost somewhere.

10. “Bhaang & Gujiya” have called it Quits to “Thandai Shots & Macaroons”
Everything has being made into Fusion. Maa ke Hath ka made Gujiyas have lost it to the high ends “Thandai Shot” Alas! Miss those day of pure bliss.

Tell us what is your earliest memory of celebrating Holi! & How it has changed over the years.
Share & let everyone know the true value of festivity.

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