Fake ₹2,000 Notes Have Entered The Market. Here’s How To Identify The Real One

Demonetization was one of the bigger changes in the Indian economy recently, one that will be talked about decades later. The repercussions of this demonetization however, may not be recalled all that much.
As much as some people want to believe that there were no ill effects of demonetization, there have been drastic effects, both good and bad, on the Indian ecosystem.

But it appears like one of the fundamental purposes of demonetization has already been defeated. The new 2,000 note has already found its doppelganger in the illegal spectrum.
Since most of India is still getting used to the new 2,000 notes, itll be rather difficult to identify real notes.

Thus, to help you separate real notes from fake ones, we’ve brought you some pointers:
·         Firstly, the note is magenta in colour with dimensions of 66mm x 166mm.
·         The notes have Mangalyaan, India’s Mars orbiter, at its rear end.
·         The letters ‘RBI’ and ‘2,000’ are printed in tiny font next to Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.
·         A guarantee clause, Governor’s signature and RBI emblem are all on the right of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.
·         There’s also a colour changing security thread next to the emblem.
·         A series of numbers going from a smaller size to a bigger one is present on the bottom right and top left on the front of the video.
·         Right above the number series on the bottom right is the number 2000 in colour changing ink.

We hope these tips will help you identify a real 2,000 note when you see one.

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