9 Delicious Konkan Food that everyone must try

Coastal Maharashtra, indulgently known as Konkan, is a Mecca for delicious food for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. This coastal of the state is blessed with fertile black soil and humid climate, conducive for producing tropical fruits and vegetables. If you decide to visit this heaven in the summer months of April to early June, you will be treated to lip-smacking local recipes, closely guarded by the inhabitants. The good news is, these culinary delights are all made from using and organic ingredients, so you can gorge on them as much as you want, without feeling an ounce of guilt!

Following are some delicacies brought to you straight from the heart of Konkan. This post will sure inspire you to take a trip to this scenic land in this mango season.

1: Fanas Bhaji
This is a spicy jackfruit curry made from using lots of coconut milk and tamarind. This preparation is eaten with steamed rice or rice bhakaris.

2: Kelphulachi Bhaji
This preparation is made from banana flowers which grow abundantly in the lust terrain of Konkan.

3: Pangi
This is a classic pancake made up from rice flour and jaggery and cooked on a girdle with banana leaves wrapped around it. Banana leaves ooze flavours onto the pancake, making it taste like heaven! This is a typical breakfast dish usually eaten with a dollop of homemade ghee.

4: Amboli
Amboli is to Konkan what Dosa is for South India. Period. These light weight, soft and round pancakes, made from using rice flour, coconut milk and sour buttermilk, are eaten when warm, with coconut chutney or any other gravy.

5: Ukadiche Modak
These stuffed rice dumplings taste like pure magic, especially when they are warm. Pour a generous quantity of ghee over the gooey stuffing of coconut and dry-fruit and you are good to go.

6: Kurkuron Bombeel
When it comes to non-vegetarian fare, Konkanis prefer sea-food in its all forms and shapes. Generally fish is caught fresh and cooked immediately, making the dish tasty and irresistible. Kurkuron Bombeel is nothing but crispy, fried Mumbai Duck.
7: Tisryache Kalvan 
Tisrya or clams are cooked in red masala gravy and eaten with rice bhakari, amboli or rice.

8: Bangadyachi Chutney 
Another traditional speciality from Konkan, Bandyachi Chutney is made from finely grinding Mackerel with choicest spices.

9: Sol-Kadhi
No Konkani meal can be fully complete without a glass of chilled Sol Kadi. This appetizer is an excellent digestive as well. It is made from coconut milk, crushed kokum fruit and sprinkled with lots of coriander.

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