8 Types of Mangoes which you must try in Summer Season!

Rich, tropical, tender, aromatic and sweet…well, who doesn’t like to take a bite into succulent orangish-yellow flesh of a fully ripe mango! Good news for all the mango-lovers, the season where you can devour your favourite fruit has officially started. Choose your favourite type of mango and get, set to polish off a plateful of the fruit!

1. Alphonso (Hapus):
Touted to be the ‘king’ of all kinds of fruits, the majestic Alphonso mango is grown along the Konkan belt of Maharashtra in the district of Ratnagiri to be precise. It is known for its rich, buttery taste and its versatility as an ingredient to use in a variety of main course items and desserts.
2. Totapuri :
This mango can be differentiated by its thick skin and elongated shape. It is greenish to yellowish in colour and it is a rich source of vitamin A and C. It is specifically found in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
3. Ratna:
Ratna is a hybrid variety of mango cultivated by the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra and is considered to be High Yielding Varieties (HYVs).  This variant was cultivated on an experimental basis in 1999 and has been popular since then.
4. Langra :
Langra is one of the most superior varieties of mango cultivated in the North India, especially Varanasi. Its greenish-yellow colour and soft, succulent pulp is an ideal snack in summers. Langra orchards are in their full bloom in the first two weeks of July.

5. Chaunsa :
This variety of mango is cultivated in the north western parts of India and Pakistan region. The season for this fruit commences from the end of July to August. It is heavily imported fruit after Alphonso because of its high nutritional value, sweet taste and aroma.
6. Payari :
This fruits appears green on exterior but gives away a lovely, bright yellowish colour when sliced open. But this fruit particularly grown in Maharashtra is mainly used for desserts like halwa, shrikhand and milkshakes because of the fact that it is extremely juicy
7. Baganpalli:
This super delicious, extremely sweet variant of mango was introduced by the royal family of Baganapalle in Andhra Pradesh. This fruit is grown in Tamil Nadu as well. You should definitely try this variety if you want to eat the same quality of mangoes like Alphonso without burning a hole in your pocket.
8. Dashehari :

The mango is named after the village Dashehari in Mallihabad, Lucknow. Dashehari is dotted with mango groves. You will spot a 200-year-old mother mango tree standing tall since centuries.

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