Pierce Brosnan Breaks His Silence On ‘Pan Bahar’ Ad! Says He Was Tricked Into Doing It!

People went crazy when they saw a full page ad of Pierce Brosnan in a leading newspaper; this was not a casual ad but the one in which he was endorsing a pan masala brand. This was completely ‘Unexpected’ and ‘Weird’ and people just couldn’t take it. They wondered as to what made the famous James Bond take up this cheap advertisement. Social media was full of trolls and funny memes, as no one could believe that such a thing has happened.

Even Pahlaj Nihalani, the CBFC chief banned this ad! While everyone is surprised over this, Pierce Brosnan broke his silence on it and told everyone how he landed up doing the ‘Pan Bahar’ ad.

The actor said that he had no clue whatsoever that it was a ‘Pan Masala’ ad and also added that he was tricked into doing it. The makers told Brosnan that the product he was advertising is natural and healthy and hence, he didn’t mind taking it up.
Moreover, in an interview, Brosnan stated that in the contract, it was clearly mentioned that it was a ‘MOUTH FRESHENER/ TOOTH WHITENER’, this is fraud, isn’t it? Also, it was stated that the product didn’t contain any ingredient which caused cancer.
Pierce stated;
I have the greatest love and affection for India and its people. I would never have entered into an agreement to promote a product in India that is dangerous to one’s health”
Pierce had lost his daughter and wife to cancer and says that even if he would have had a slight idea that the product he was endorsing had cancer causing ingredients, he would have straight away refused. Talking about this, the actor said;
“Having endured, in my own personal life, the loss of my first wife and daughter as well as numerous friends to cancer, I am fully committed to supporting women’s health care and research programs that improve human health and alleviate suffering”
In short Pierce Brosnan had no clue that it was a Pan Masala and now that he knows, he is quite sad that they have deceived him. Further, the actor says that the situations have gone out of control and the contract has been violated. He promised to look into the matter soon, but also apologized to every Indian who is offended by this. He has even asked the company to remove his image from all ads.
In spite of this, Twitterati couldn’t stop trolling him; have a look at their tweets…

Things didn’t Paan well!

Pierce Brosnan says he didn't know what he was selling.

Guess things didn't "paan" out as expected!

Pan Bahar’s tooth whitener!

"Pan Bahar's a tooth whitener"

Pierce Brosnan: "Okay"

*points to an electricity pole* "...and that's the Qutub Minar"

Pierce: "Beautiful"


Pierce Brosnan: Apologies, I Didn’t Know What I Was Selling!
Delhi Voters: Apologies, Even We Didn't Know Who We Are Choosing. ;)

British Secret Service!

Pierce Brosnan thought Pan Bahaar was a tooth whitener ??

Shows how effective the British Secret Service is !

Just like Indian voters!

Pierce Brosnan didn't know that Pan Bahar has tobacco, just like Indian voters didn't know that 15 lacs is a chunavi jumla 😸

Someone related him to Salman too..

Pierce Brosnan didn't know that Pan Bahar has tobacco, just like Salman did't know it was his driver and the Deer commitee sucide.

We hope that next time Pierce Brosnan reads the contract carefully before signing; this would avoid hassles. What do you have to say about this? Do share in our comments section below.

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