Here’s Why Dipa Karmarkar Is Returning Her BMW! You’ll Agree To Her Reason….

Dipa Karmarkar won everyone’s hearts by her superb performance in Rio Olympics. Yes, social media was filled with praises for her. She definitely deserved all this!
Moreover, V Chamundeswaranath, the president of Hyderabad Badminton Association, selected Sachin Tendulkar, to present a BMW each to Sakshi Malik, PV Sindhu and her.

Now, everyone is shocked to hear a twist in this news! Well, Dipa is returning this BMW, want to know why? This is because Dipa’s family is having a tough time dealing with the maintenance of this posh car. Dipa is from Agartala and there, the roads are very bad and narrow.
Another reason for this is that Dipa is all set for her Challengers’ Cup in Germany, which is just a month away. Now, she has received strict instructions that instead of spending her time on maintaining the car, she must concentrate on the practice.

As of now, there have been no official words from Dipa, but Bisheswar Nandi, her coach said that it wasn’t the decision of her alone. Instead he and Dipa’s family also wanted the same. He pointed 2 main reasons i.e. no service center of BMW there and secondly, poor roads
Further he said that the Hyderabad Badminton Association has been informed about that and they have no problems whatsoever. Instead, one more suggestion was given to them; i.e. to transfer the same amount of money (Car’s value) to Dipa’s bank account. However, this isn’t compulsory, even if the Association doesn’t pay the amount, they are happy and satisfied.
We definitely agree to this decision of Dipa, what’s your take on this? Do share in your comments section below.

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