Velneshwar Temple

This enchanting temple on sea-shore is 25 kms from Guhagar and 6kms from Hedavi.In ancient times this temple was surrounded by many trees.The name 'Velanesswar' has one interesting origin. This God(Ishwar) instatantly fulfils the wish expressed by his devotees. So the God who does not waste any time of his devotee [Not wasting any time('vel' in Marathi)] is known as Vel-n-ishwar. Velneshwar is family-deity (Kuldaivat) of Gokhales, Gadgils, Savarkars etc.

The temple's area is 70 sq mtrs has 11mtrs high 'Deepmal" (lamps-post) in front. Two wells built in laterite stones and temples of Shri Ganesh, Shri Kalbhairav(village deity of Velneshwar village), Shri Rameshwar Nandi(sacerd bull of Shiva) are in the same compound.The early temple was built by Gadgils which was later renovated by Shri Trimbak Ravaji Gokhale.
Velaneshwar Seva Mandal has built a 'Bhakta-niwas' a residential accommodation for devotees.

Accommodation : 
Hotels are available near velneshwar temple.

Getting There : 
State transportation buses are available from Guhagar to visit this place. Guhagar to Velneshwar distance is 20 KM
Chiplun to Velneshwar distance is 50 KM.
· By Air : Mumbai is nearest airport.
·  By Rail : The nearest railway station is in the town of Chiplun.
·  By Road : Mumbai Velneshwar Distance - 305 kms. Pune Velneshwar Beach Distance - 279 kms.

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