Ganeshgule Temple

It is near Ganapatipule. This is Shri Mahaganesh temple. It has been proved that this temple is older than Ganapatipule temple. An ancient well of Pandav era is near the temple it is very deep but there are steps to go up to bottom of it. Trunk of ganesh in this temple is towards the west. Visitors should visit Ganeshgule in Ganapatipule visit.
Anjarle creek:
It is near Anjarle village. In the past this was only route to go to kelsi –velis. Passenger’s transport is on through this creek. We can see beautiful landscape up to Harne.

Seashore of Anjarle:
Anjarle village has got 1 to 1 ½ mile seashore. This is also very clean and beautiful. We can see scenery from Utamber to Harne. It is right to take information from local people if one wants to go for swimming.

Accommodation : 
Hotels are available in Ratnagiri city.

Getting There : 
25 k.m. from Ratnagiri.
·         By Air : Mumbai is nearest airport.
·         By Rail : Nearest rail head is ratnagiri.
·         By Road : Mumbai to ganeshgule 354 km. Pune Ganeshgule Distance - 327 kms

Places to see nearby :
Ganpatipule beach and temple , arevare beach , bhandarpule beach.

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