Malvan is a town and taluka in Sindhudurg District, the southernmost district of Maharashtra State, India, well known for the historically important Sindhudurg Fort. Malvan taluka consists of villages such as Angane Wadi, Achra, Khalchi Devli, Jamdul, Juva, Pankhol, Talasheel and Sarjekot. The main occupation here is fishing with the staple diet of the local people fish curry and rice. The town produces Alphonso mangoes and is also known for sweets such as Malvani Khaja made from gram-besan flour and coated jaggery as well as Malvani Ladoos. Other sweets that attract tourists are Konkani meva, Aambawadi, Fanaspoli, Dryfriuts, Kajuwadi, Naralachya Wadya, Malvani Masale. Malvan. Dashavtar, a drama-play based on mythological stories, is an important cultural element of the area. Several apocryphal and some more credible stories related to the name Malvan exist. Salt producers use term Mahalavan to describe a region rich in salt, a compound word from "Maha" meaning great, and "lavan" meaning plantation (or salt). Another possibility is a phonetic derivative of the compound of "Mad" and "Ban", Malvani for coconut trees and garden respectively, relating to the large number of coconut trees in the region.malvani language is local language.

The Malvan (marine) Wildlife Sanctuary was declared on 13 April 1987, with a core zone of 3.182 km² and buffer zone of 25.94 km² (total area being 29.122 km²). The core zone includes the Sindhudurg fort, Padamged island and other submerged rocky structures. The north eastern border of the buffer zone is 50 m from the sea near Malvan port, while on the east it is a semi-circular sandy beach 500 m parallel to the shore of Malvan, in the south it is near Mandel rock, and in the west touches the Malvan rock.

In India there are a very few places where scuba diving can be done and Malvan is one of them. Due to its relatively clear sea waters, Malvan serves as a perfect spot for scuba diving (done mostly with surface oxygen supply) and snorkeling. Near the outer walls of Sindhudurg fort one can see lots of live corals and colorful marine life under the sea.

There are various water sports options available throughout Malvan near sea coast at an affordable rates. Tsunami Island (near Devbaug beach) is a small island on the delta of Tarkarli river. This beach island also is the place to enjoy boat ride in the backwaters of Tarkarli River. This island is not formed due to tsunami waves, but due to this imaginary name it is a popular tourist destination for water sports where one can enjoy rides like Jet-Ski, Banana boat ride, Bumper boat, Kayaks etc. Best time to visit tsunami island for water sports is during high tide when the small island is partially submerged under the water (till knee length).

Being a coastal town, Malvan experiences a warm and moderately humid climate for the most time throughout the year. Monsoons are however refreshing and the cooler months of winter are considered as best times to visit Malvan. The beach lovers who do not mind the summer sun and humidity for the love of the beach, nevertheless, end up visiting Malvan even during the summer.

How To Reach Malvan:
By Road: Malvan is well-connected with national highways connecting nearby major places of Maharashtra and Goa. It is located at a distance of 530 km from Mumbai, 143 from Ratnagiri and 146 km from Goa. Daily buses, state transport-run and private, ply from Mumbai, Pune and Goa.
By Rail: The nearest railway station is Kudal, at a distance of 30 km. Regular, overnight trains depart from Mumbai to Kudal. Bus or auto-rickshaws can be availed from the station to reach Malvan.
By Air: Dabolim in Goa is the nearest airport to Malvan at a distance of approximately 130 km. Board a bus or book a taxi to reach Malvan from Goa.

Places to visit nearby:
1. Sindhudurg Fort
2. Tarkarli
3. Rock Garden
4. Jai Ganesh Mandir
5. Tondavali Beach
6. Achara Beach
7. Bhogwe Beach
8. Rameshwar Temple
9. Devbaug Beach
10. Tsunami Island

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