Long queues of vehicles at Kharepatan district check post

Mumbai-Goa highway at Kharepatan check post, The number of vehicles of Mumbaikar entering the district from Mumbai are increasing day by day. Queues of about 250 to 350 vehicles are formed for about 3 to 4 km per hour. Incoming Chakarmani Mumbaikars are being admitted to the district by checking their medical certificates, e-passes and all other documents  after registering it online. 

On the Mumbai-Goa highway, the number of vehicles of Mumbaikar entering the district from Mumbai has been increasing day by day for the last 3 days. In this, women, senior citizens, children, the elderly, the elderly, pregnant mothers have suffered a lot in this journey. It takes about 4 to 5 hours for a vehicle to move forward in full sun till complete paperwork and medical examination at the checkpoint. This has created a problem of drinking water and snacks for the citizens trapped in the vehicles while the children are starving.

As an alternative to this, Kharepatan Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Ramakant Raut has immediately set up a separate stand post at a distance of about 3 km from Kharepatan check post on Mumbai-Goa highway where long queues of vehicles are standing and drinking water has been supplied on behalf of Kharepatan Gram Panchayat. Similarly, Kharepatan Traders Association, through volunteers, has arranged a tea breakfast. The administration is struggling to control the growing traffic and the influx of citizens. As a result, the health, police and revenue staff are under stress. The administration needs to make alternative arrangements to control the congestion.

Courtesy: KokanNow

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