Cashew produce hit by lockdown

Apart from world-famous Alphonso mango, other produce of Konkan farmers such as cashews have also been severely impacted due to lockdown.

The lockdown has brought the cashew harvesting season to a standstill due to the lack of labour and led to the closure of processing units and retail markets.

“The raw nut prices have declined by 50 per cent to Rs 70/kg from Rs 150/kg during this time last year. This is due to a lack of demand in the market and at processing industries,” Giridhar Salve, a cashew farmer from Sindhudurg.

“In Ratnagiri- Sindhudurg districts, around 3 lakh acres is under Alphonso cultivation whereas 3.5 lakh acres is under cashew. Farmers of both the crops have been destroyed this year,” he added.

Courtesy: The Print

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