Ever Wondered What The ‘i’ In Your iPhone Stands For?

It’s been years now that Apple products have been one of the most successful and popular among all available in the market. The tech giant has been leading the industry for a while now, with its exclusivity and innovation. With the course of time, Apple devices have come to stand as the symbol of high status, symbol of superior technology, and a symbol of an efficient personal gadget.

However, even though Apple products are the most talked about, be it for good or bad, have you ever wondered about the reason behind its product’s nomenclature?
All Apple products have an ‘i’ prefixed to their names, its an iMac, an iPhone, an iPad and an iTouch; and here’s why they are named so. When the first Apple product, which was an iMac, was launched in 1998, Steve Jobs said that the Macintosh is for the number one use the consumers want a computer for, which is Internet. Therefore, the ‘i’ in the iPhone stood for Internet back then, since the iMac marked the beginning of modern computing, and the internet was catching up, so that’s what Apple was touting its products around.

Howbeit, Steve Jobs added, that the ‘i’ stands for more than just Internet. During the launch, he talked about how it also stands for individuality, instruction, information and inspire.

Even though not many may have put too much thought in the product’s nomenclature, but it’s the ‘i’ that always makes all Apple products stand out from the other. A person who owns an iPhone would always refer to it as an ‘iPhone’ instead of simply calling it a phone. However, with Apple TV and Apple Watch the phraseology can be seen changing. CEO

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