Unseen Pictures of the Most Powerful Leaders of the World

Leadership is such a quality which is very much individual specific. Not everyone is able to become a leader and lead others. Leaders can be democratic or autocratic. In the healthy social system, democratic leader is the most desired thing.

Some of the important factors that lead to the production of excellent leaders are heredity, upbringing and the prevailing social and political circumstances. No one becomes a leader right from birth. The process is gradual. You would be surprised to see some of the leaders who looked like simple normal persons before they became the LEADER. So here the list goes:

1. This is the picture of the famous Russian Leader Joseph Stalin clicked in 1902. This man seriously terrorized the nation during his days.

2. The picture shows young Bill Clinton shaking hands with the then President John F. Kennedy. It was taken on 24th July, 1963 in the Rose Garden of the White House.

3. The teenage in the picture is none other than young princess Elizabeth of England in 1945. At that time, she used to drive and repair heavy vehicles in the Auxillary Territorial Service during the Second World War. Such humble and respectful person she is!

4. This is teenager Vladimir Putin in 1966. Remember how efficiently he handled Russia?

5. Okay! Barrack Obama used to smoke joint in his early days. At that time he was not the President.

6. Don’t fail to notice the trendy hairstyle of John F. Kennedy when he was just 10 in the year 1927. Can you recognize him?

7. This is the picture of Richard Nixon taken in the 1930s when he was a member of the Whittier College Football Squad, CA.

8. A source of lot of controversies, here we present Donald Trump in his early days in the Military Academy OF New York. He looked so cute!

9. This is Angela Merkel who was preparing a meal on a Campfire taken in July, 1973. He was camping with her friends at that time in Himmelpfort, German Democratic Republic.

10. The initiator of Apartheid movement Nelson Mandela in his early days.

11. The young man in the picture is none other than India’s current Prime Minister Narendra  Modi. We can learn a lot from his life.

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