Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Walawal

Laxmi Narayan temple, just 15kms away from Kudal (a tehsil town on NH17) is finest example of Hemandpanthi style of temple architecture. Surrounded by lush greenery with a beautiful reservoir near by this temple dates back to early 14th century. Constructed by Suryabhan & Chandrabhan Prabhu-desai brothers, this East-facing temple is very famous in Sindhudurg district. This tri-level Laxmi Narayan temple is divided into entrance hall, central hall and palanquin shaped sanctum sanctorum. The entire construction is of teak wood. The central hall is spacious and has beautifully carved stone pillars and roof. The main door is short in height and has a splendid carving of lotus flowers on it. The big bell in the temple was taken from Portuguese sailors and has French lettering on it. Laxminarayan Temple.

The lake near Laxmi Narayan temple is a pretty sight. On a full moon night, one can see the stars shining in clear waters. On such evenings a rare spectacle of Sun setting in the west and at the same time Moon rising in the east can be seen. You can marvel at reflections of the Sun and the moon in the lake water and get the feeling of seeing two Suns and Moons in one instant.

Tourists from Deccan Odyssey make a point to stop at this ancient temple.

Accomodation is available 4-5kms away from the temple. Visitors can stay at Kudal, Kankavli or Malvan and include this spot in a day excursion.

Getting there: 
By Air: Dabolim,goa 
By Rail: Kudal 
By Road: Kudal to Walaval 15 KM.

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