Kelshi Beach

Kelshi Beach - A trip to Kelshi is a perfect weekend getaway from Pune to the rustic charm of Konkan and its serenity. If you want to taste the real village life in konkan, Kelshi is the ideal getaway. A place of religious significance, besides having a long history Kelshi also has one of the most beautiful beach in Dapoli region.

Just outside the Kelshi village is the lovely Kelshi beach, which stretches for 2.5 kms and the sunsets here are lauded to be spectacular. Apart from the beaches Kelshi is well known as a pilgrim center, thanks to the Mahalaxmi temple and the Yaqub baba dargah. There also is a Siddhivinayak Ganpati temple in the main village street of Kelshi. A number of important festivals is also celebrated every year in Kelshi, in a manner that still preserves the traditions of yore.

Accommodation :
Hotels and cottages are available in kelshi.

How to Reach Kelshi Beach :
Kelshi located towards the northern end of Ratnagiri district and although is located very close to Dapoli, its not necessary to go through Dapoli to reach Kelshi. Kelshi in fact is closer to Mumbai and Pune than Dapoli. From Goregaon on the NH 17 a right turn takes you to Kelshi via Mandangad. Kelshi is approximately 200 Kms from Pune and the distance between Mumbai to Kelshi is about 215 Kms

By Air : 111 Km - Flight distance between Kelshi Beach and Pune.
124 Km - Flight distance between Kelshi Beach and Mumbai.
By Rail : Road Distance or driving distance from Pune Railway Station to Kelshi Beach is 244 kms.
Road Distance or driving distance from Mumbai to Kelshi Beach is 175 kms 
By Road : 192 Km - Distance from Pune to Kelshi Beach. 216 Km - Distance from Mumbai to Kelshi Beach

Places to Visit in Kelshi Beach : 
1. Asud Keshavraj Temple 
2. Vyaghreshwar Temple
3. Karde Beach 
4. Harnai Beach 
5. Suvarnadurg 
6. Panhalekaji
7. Unhavare

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