Ravana From Ramayana 1986 Is Now A Ram-Bhakta And This Is How He Looks After 31 Years

Among the most appreciated shows on Indian television are the shows based on Mythology. If I speak about my interest for it, I even try to wind up a greater part of my work to see such shows on time. And similar to me, many people gather collectively with their families to watch them.
Till date, dozens of TV shows have come that have portrayed the epic Hindu mythology. But none matched with the likes of Ramayana, which started in the year 1986 on Doordarshan and soon became a benchmark. 
When we talk about Ramayana, it isn't wrong to say that Ramayana is incomplete without Ravana. This character alive in our memories even today. Among the actors who rose to fame with the show, was the actor who played Ravana, in the programme. He is still the most admired 'Ravana' of the small screen. 

So let's take a look at how the most popular onscreen 'Ravana' looks like now:

Without Ravana, one can't imagine Ramayana
It's been 31 years since the show started and had made its stars popular and provided them unique identities. The serial Ramayana was created and directed by Late Ramanand Sagar.

The man who played Ravana was Arvind Trivedi
Arvind Trivedi was the one who played the role of Ravana in Ramayana. He is widely remembered for the unique and powerful way in which he acted as Ravana. He immortalized this character for ever. According to the sources, he has been prolific in Gujarati cinema for over 40 years.

It is also difficult to think of any other actor in this role. 
Ramanand's serial was started on Doordarshan in the year 1986. Arvind Trivedi, 78 became the favorite of TV viewers across the country and the world at those times.

The show gave him everything that any actor wants in his career. 
After working on this show, his life changed. From fame to money, the show gave him everything that every actor wants in his career. Because of this role, Arvind started to get identified by the name 'Lankesh'.

Ramanand Sagar at one single shot chose him for the role of Ravana
When Arvind was wearing Ravana's clothes in Ramayana auditions and he went on to audition in his strong voice, Ramanand Sagar at one single shot chose him for the role of Ravana. In that moment he understood that Arvind is the perfect fit for this role.

Though, being from Madhya Pradesh, he started his career from Gujarati theatre
Arvind Trivedi is a November 1938 born in Indore. But his career started with the Gujarati Theater.

Ramayana was his last show
Very few people know that he has worked in many films but the fame that he got by portraying Ravana got him the fame he deseved. He left the industry after the show.

After being Ravana, he is now a Ram Bhakt
Now he has become a Ram devotee. He believes that all the work will be done here but the person who crosses the Bhavsagar is God.

He has performed in more than 250 films
According to the sources, he acted in other TV series like Vikram Aur Betaal and almost 250 other films including Hindi and Gujarati. The movie Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya, where he acted as 'Dadaji' (Grandfather), was a movie that broke many box office records and is still remembered for that role.

He was the acting chairman of the Indian Censor Board for Film Certification (CBFC). 
In 1991, Arvind Trivedi was elected as a Member of Parliament from Sabarkatha district and was in the office till 1996. In 2002 he was named as the acting chairman of the Indian Censor Board for Film Certification (CBFC). 

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