Halle Berry is in Mumbai, walking the streets, unnoticed

Halle Berry is in Mumbai. How do we know? Well, she posted a couple of pictures on her Instagram and told the whole world about it.

The first picture shows a Mumbai skyline unlike the ones we usually see in glossy travel magazines. We can spot apartment complexes and chawls in the early morning sunlight. She captioned the picture, “Caught a sunrise in Mumbai today.” The geo-tag above the image confirms the X-Men star is indeed in India’s financial capital, and home to the Hindi film industry.

But as if to diffuse our scepticism, Berry posted another picture just hours after the first one. In it, she can be clearly seen walking on one of those iconic paved streets of Mumbai, with her back to the camera, completely unnoticed by the passers-by. She captioned the image, “Take time to get lost today.”

Halle Berry’s India connection goes back to the time she wore a sari, henna and bangles in her 2011 film Cloud Atlas. When quizzed about the film’s themes, she said in an interview, “Most of the main characters are the reincarnations of the same soul through the six stories shown in the movie. It almost resembles the Indian mythology so much; where there was Lord Rama, who came as the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu and then there were many others. Very few people have explored such themes in Hollywood.”

“I want to take a step towards learning more about one of the oldest cultures in the world,” she’d told HT.

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