Did You Know? There Is A Sonia Gandhi Temple In Telangana!

It is one thing to idolize your favorite politician. And a whole other thing to actually worship the idol of your favorite politician. But unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened in Karimnagar, Telangana, where there is an actual Sonia Gandhi temple!
No, we are not kidding. Even though we wish we were. To express their gratitude to AICC president Sonia Gandhi for creating Telangana state, Congress leaders from the district constructed a temple for her in Mallial town.

Wow, now this is something! The politicians installed a white marble statue of Sonia Gandhi and had the portraits of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on temple walls outside. The temple was formally inaugurated by Jagtial legislator-elect T Jeevan Reddy. Those present included former MP Ponnam Prabhakar and former MLA Suddala Devaiah and others. It has been open since 2014!
The marble statue was actually sculpted in Rajasthan. Ponnam Prabhakar said-
“Sonia Gandhi is the spirit and inspiration for Telangana. She would remain in the hearts of Telangana people forever. Without her initiation, the Telangana state would not have become reality.”

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