Sudhagad fort

Sudhagad (also called Bhorapgad) is a hill fort situated in Maharashtra, India. It lies about 53 kilometres (33 mi) west of Pune, 26 kilometres (16 mi) south of Lonavla and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) east of Pali in Raigad District. The summit is 620 metres (2,030 ft) above sea level. The origin of this fort is said to date back to the 2nd century B.C the same age as the Thanale Caves and Khadsamble caves nearby. It was then called Bhrorapgad (after its presiding deity, Bhoraidevi). 

In 1436, it was captured by the Bahamani Sultan. In 1657, the Marathas took over and renamed it "Sudhagad"(the sweet one). It was a large fort and Sudhagad was considered by Shivaji as the capital of his kingdom. He surveyed it, but instead chose Raigad because of its central location. In the regime of the Peshwas, the ‘Pantsachivas’ of Bhor became the custodians of this fort. After the annexation of princely states in 1950 the fort became patron less. As a result, the fort is in a state of ruins, even though it escaped the wrath of the British.
The first fort has several ruins of two temples dedicated to Shiva. However, the temple of Bhoraidevi(its patron goddess) is well maintained temple. On the large plateua at the summit, there are two lakes, a house, a big granary, some tombs, a shrine (Vrindavan) and numerous other ruins, scattered around the fort area. There are three main gates the largest of which is called the Maha Darwaja. From the top, other forts like Sarasgad, Korigad, Dhangad, Taila-Baila are clearly visible.
It’s better to make food arrangement by yourself. But if it is not possible then contact Mr. More who stays on the fort. He can make food arrangement of 4 to 5 people. There are many cisterns, lakes and tanks on the fort. Hence drinking water is available throughout the year. 2 hours by Pachchapur route.
Getting Activities to do :

Accommodation : 
1.Approximately 50 people can stay in palace of Pant Sachiv.
2. Even Bhorai Devi temple is good place for a stay on the fort.
Getting There : 
By Air : Mumbai is a nearest airport.
By Rail : Nagothane is the nearest railway station.
By Road : Savashnicha Ghat (A pass of Savashni) : Come straight to Dhondase village from Pali village, which is at a distance of 12 km. It takes 3 hours to reach the fort from this place and the way is quite tiring. But it is straightforward; hence there are least chances to loose the way. We reach to Dindi Darwaaja by this way.
Nandand Ghat : Move to west from Akole village keeping Dhangad to the left. We reach Nandand Ghat within 45 minutes. Next to that there is Bavdhan village. Then move towards Pachchapur village to reach at Thakurwadi. From here we can reach the top within 2 hours.
From Pachchapur : The distance between Pali to Pachchapur is 12 km, whereas Pali to Thakurwadi is 13 km. You can walk from Pachchapur to Thakurwadi. From Thakurwadi, one has to ascend by a ladder. This route is not only slippery, but also exhaustive. It takes two hours to reach to the fort by this route. This way takes us directly to Pachchapur Darwaaja.
Places to see nearby :
1. Bhoreshwar temple
2. Pachchapur darwaja
3. Takmak tok of sudhagad
4. Dindi darwaja

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