Five boats sink near Ratnagiri , 26 rescued

Due the heavy rainfall that started yesterday, five fishing boats which entered Arabian sea near Ratnagiri capsized. The rescue operation was conducted by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on Tuesday.

According to a report in DNA, the ICG rescued twenty-six fishermen from the mishap, but three persons are still missing after boat capsized in Konkan belt. But this didn’t stop ICG, which also kept a chopper on standby for rescue operation. A ICG spokesperson from Ratnagiri Control room told DNA, “We have asked the NDRF to be on standby and are continuing the search for three persons who are missing.”

A fishermen boats carrying four at Suvarnadurg Fort near Harnai in Arabian Sea of Konkan belt also capsized, while another boat got capsized at Burondi near Dapoli. They had ignored the warnings of other fishermen from the region, there were 29 fishermen on board. They had entered the sea for fishing during bad weather. Aslam Rajbhani, a local fishermen at Burondi informed the ICG, “Few of the fishermen had managed to swim towards the rocky patches near the creek while many were pulled out by the rescue teams.”

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