Repair of roads leading to Konkan before Ganesh festival: Minister Patil

Considering that the traffic on the roads leading to Konkan will be increased on the eve of Ganesh festival, the state government will be taking repair of these roads on the priority basis. Revenue minister Chandrakant Patil has stated that the orders have been issued to the concerned department and work of repair of roads will be done on priority basis. The construction work of all major roads will be done by Diwali on priority basis, he said.
Patil on Sunday conducted survey of the roads that connect Kolhapur to Konkan region.

"Number of people from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur visit to Konkan region, their home town to celebrate the Ganesh festival. We have sanctioned funds amounting to Rs 65 crore to develop road from Kolhapur to Gargoti, Gadhinglaj-Naganwadi, Chandgad-Bhedashi and major routes connection the Konkan region. The work will help in increasing communication and reducing the difficulty of travellers to drive on these roads. At initial level we have asked the PWD officials to ensure that the repair of these roads is done on priority basis," said Patil.
"The tenders for major works will be floated after Ganesh festival and by Diwali this year, all the roads will be constructed and made upto date. But now our priority is to ensure safety of people that travel to their homes in Konkan for Ganesh festival," he said.
Kolhapur connects to Ratnagiri, Amboli Ajara, Gargoti, Uttur and other parts of Konkan and every road passes through the Ghat section. The region experiences heavy rainfall which damages the roads creating potholes every rainy season. According to officials of Public Works Department, they have initiated the work of repair of roads connecting to Kolhapur and Konkan and have started filling pits to ensure that the people travelling from Kolhapur to Konkan region experience less difficulty. The sudden start of rainfall in the ghat section has increased difficulty to complete the repair work but the officials have assured Patil that they will complete the repair work before Ganesh festival.
The other work that PWD plans to take in hand include expansion of 15 small bridges, construction of safety wall on these roads and expansion of these roads at major junctions, which will be done by Diwali, said a PWD official.

Courtesy: TOI

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