RSS to hold strength show in Konkan region on January 7, 2.50 lakh expected to attend

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) will organise a mega gathering of its cadres and common people on January 7, 2018 across the Konkan region including Mumbai.
The initiative has been christened as Hindu Chetna Sangam inspired from a mammoth RSS gathering Shiv Shakti Sangam held on January 3, 2016 in Pune.
The RSS has decided to organise separate gatherings at the taluka level in 267 places in the Konkan region unlike Shiv Shakti Sangam where around 85,000 workers and 50,000 people had gathered at one place.
On an average, 1,000 people are expected to attend the gathering at each taluka. Thus, approximately 2.50 lakh people will attend the gathering across the region, which has a status of prant (state) in the Sangh organisation.

"The idea is to demonstrate the sajjan shakti (strength of good people)," said Uday Kulkarni, the prant seva pramukh at a meeting in Thane on Sunday. The organisation is also going to launch a mobile application where those who want to attend the gathering can register. The app is likely to be activated in October.
A senior worker said that RSS is looking to reach out to each and every locality of minimum 10,000 households in the region through the gathering. "We have plans to get everyone involved in the initiative. We will approach various social organisations, dignified people and representatives of each sector of the society to make the gathering a grand success," he said.
The RSS hopes that the gathering will give a boost to the organisation. The number of people attending the RSS shakhas (units) and its initiatives in social field has gone up multi-fold after the Shiv Shakti Sangam.As a part of the preparations the RSS is going to observe swadeshi sanmaan fortnight between August 1 and 15 with a focus on opposing goods manufactured in China.

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