Ajay Bhatt: The Indian Who Invented USB

Ajay Bhatt, the man who invented the USB said that he didn’t do it for money. USB was a breakthrough in technology changing the way huge data was transferred. The near ubiquitous device was invented by this Indian-American computer architect, whose prime goal was not to make money. He was happy that he could bring a significant change.

A Single Connector For All: The USB 
It has been two decades since the USB first came into existence. When Ajay Bhatt an engineer at Intel presented the idea of the USB to various tech companies like Apple and Microsoft, it was seen as a risky product bet. Companies were unwilling to invest in the idea of “one connector for everything” mainly because they were doubtful that it might affect the way the entire system worked back then.

Ajay Bhatt Believed In Bringing A Change 
However, Intel supported Ajay Bhatt’s idea and encouraged him to build the USB. Ajay Bhatt’s invention is under the Intel Patent and he is not given any royalty for it. But he feels that it was right on the part of Intel to do so. In a recent interview, Ajay Bhatt, the Chief Systems Technologist at Intel said that he did not do such things for money but with the sole intention to bring about an important change. He also said that not many people get the opportunity to bring about a change and hence he is happy for what he was able to contribute.
The USB History
Today, the USB is used in almost all the electronic devices across the globe. Though Intel was the first company to adopt the USB technology into its chips, it was Apple and then Microsoft that shipped their devices to the USB for the first time in 1988.
Intel thought that if they could bring in a single connector, it can be incorporated into their chips and thus capture the entire PC market. The USB indeed paved the way for this idea and was a great success. The USB was compatible with all devices and Intel, in turn, was able to sell more chips.

The Contented USB Man 
Bhatt said in his interview that he is happy with the rewards that his company offered him and has never had the thought of a possibility of making hundreds of millions of dollars. He believes that his idea would not have got out to the world if it was not for the support and encouragement of Intel. He said that he has nothing to complain about.  He strongly believes in the idea that if Intel gets a bigger share of the pie, then he, in turn, gets more.
Ajay Bhatt’s Vision For Tomorrow.
When asked about his future plans, Ajay Bhatt said that he envisions building “the stylus”. There are a number of tech companies that offer the stylus for their devices already. However, if there could be one stylus that will be compatible with all the devices, it will be a fabulous breakthrough.  He wants to develop a single, responsive stylus that is standard for all devices and can offer a complete hand-written experience for users. It looks like that will indeed be a great change in the digital world!

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