The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation abbreviated as (MSRTC, or simply ST), is the state run bus service of Maharashtra, India with 16,500 buses which ferry 7 million passengers daily on 18,700 routes. It serves routes to towns and cities within Maharashtra and adjoining states. Apart from locations within the state of Maharashtra, the MSRTC service also covers destinations in neighboring states.

Travelling by MSRTC Buses in Konkan is a great experience. Especially in Monsoon when the Buses run through Lush Greenery. Konkan consists of Many Ghats (Amba Ghat, Kashedi Ghat etc). Travelling by MSRTC Bus on the Ghat is always a great experience. When the Bus negotiates Curves one can experience a Roller Coaster Ride while sitting on his seat. Roads in Konkan are narrow and have steep curves so it becomes very difficult to ride on this type of roads, but the drivers are well trained, so ride by MSRTC Buses is very safe.

Even after the introduction of Konkan Railways, still there are many people who still prefer to travel by MSRTC Buses as these buses connect remote areas which are not accessible by Railways.

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