James Bond Endorsed ‘Pan Bahar’! Hilarious Reactions!

Rather than Pierce Brosnan, everyone recognizes him as the James Bond of 007 franchise and we all know that he loved Martini and that too shaken and not stirred, remember?
But wait; what has happened to his choice now? Everyone was shocked this morning, as they saw a full page ad of Pierce Brosnan endorsing ‘Pan Bahar’, a famous Pan masala in India.

We just couldn’t believe our eyes on seeing this ad, which appeared in Times of India. Not only did he pose for it, he also did a video for this brand. 
So, how did you find his Irish accent while saying ‘Pan Bahar’, interesting, isn’t it? Now, Twitterati went crazy after seeing this ad and you can’t miss out their hilarious responses.

This ad has definitely surprised us, isn’t it? Some thought this is just ‘Photoshop’ but after watching the video, they were in for a surprise. After this, comedians have too much pressure on them to crack jokes on him, LOL! So guys what is your take on this? Do let us know in our comments section below.

Is it Kulbhushan Kharbanda?

Before and after visiting Kanpur!

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Pic 1: Pierce Brosnan before visiting Kanpur
Pic 2: After visiting Kanpur

License to spit!

Pierce Brosnan, the most famous James Bond is coming up with his new movie - James Bond - License to Spit.

Before every Bollywood movie!

So now before every Bollywood movie 'Pierce Brosnan' ad will be played instead of 'Gutkha Mukesh'

I will start chewing too!

Priyanka Chopra chews Rajnigandha & now Pierce Brosnan chews Pan Bahar. Now I know why I am not successful, will start chewing gutka today.

He doesn’t even know what is there in the box!

Pierce Brosnan is endorsing pan bahar , i think that dude doesn't even know what is in that box. He think its m&m's.

When you want to kill yourself!

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Pierce Brosnan_ Pan Bahar
Pic1- when you want to kill others.
Pic2- when you want to kill yourself. 😛

Cracking jokes too!

James Bond goes to pan shop to buy pan.
"How much?"
"10 Rs Sir"
"Take this"
"But it is only Rs 7.50??"


Waiter : drink, sir?
James Bond : dry martini
Waiter : Yes sir
Bond : shaken not stirred
Waiter : ok
Bond : babua ek pan masala bhi

Golden eye to red teeth!


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