What A Superb News! Dhoni Is Playing This Role In The Biopic & We Bet You’ll Be Excited!

It is already 27th of September, and we need to wait for just 3 more days for the release of the most awaited film “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”.
Since a while now, this movie has been in news, either for its wide release or either for its actors who have brilliantly essayed the roles of cricketers in the movie. We have also seen how Sushant Singh Rajput has done justice to this role; thanks to his immense efforts and thorough research.

Now, as the movie release is nearing, we have an amazing piece of news to share with you and we bet you are going to be super-excited on hearing this.
Well, we just couldn’t stop ourselves from telling you that M.S Dhoni, the legend himself, also has a role in this biopic! Yes you heard that right; it is reported that Dhoni went to City Studio for dubbing as well as for shooting a special sequence.

According to reports

“There are portions in the film where Sushant is thinking out aloud and instead of a montage of shots, Neeraj has resorted to voiceovers. And the voice is none other than Dhoni’s. It was a good idea to have Dhoni himself emote his thoughts in reel life too”

This exciting news has made your wait even longer, isn’t it? Moreover, sources also said that the bonding of Sushant and Dhoni has been too good. In fact, Sushant can’t stop himself from talking, walking or speaking like the cricketer. He is doing his job with utmost perfection and it would be difficult to differentiate between the two.

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