Shree Sansthan Ashram

Nestled between the beautiful synthesis of two mountains at Dabholi this place of great sanctity is associated with renowned Sringeri peeth (main religious place) of Karnataka, which is one of the four Peethas established by Adi Shankaracharya in India. Peethas played very important role in continuing vadic traditions in India and abroad.
Tradition in Sansthan
The system formed by the Sankara and his peethas within the Brahman order seems to be largely continued by Sansthan Ashram.  Shri Purnanand Swami was the teacher and the founder of the Ashram and since then 275 years history of Ashram a succession of teachers each initiated by his presecessor, carry on the spiritual tradition of the great Sankara unbroken, Presently Shri Purnanand Swami is a spiritual leader of the Ashram.  The main annual festival is held in the month of April.  Besides this other programmes conducted by Ashram authorities are Ved Pathshala (a academy where Vedas are recited) Goshala (a cowpen), Anna Santarpana (food facility for devotees) and various other rituals are also performed.

Accommodation : 
Hotels are available near vengurla.

Getting There : 
6Km away from Vengurla.
·         By Air : Dabolim, goa is nearest airport.
·         By Rail : Sawantwadi is nearest railway station.
·         By Road : Mumbai to Vengurla is 499 km. Pune Vengurla Distance - 397 kms.

 Places to see nearby :
Shiroda - Aaravali , Redi Ganesh Temple , Shri Mauli Temple of Redi , vengurla beach ,Swayambhu Mahadev Temple at Redi.

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