Sadguru Miyan Saheb Durgah, Sawantwadi

On the B. K. G. highway near Sawantwadi, there is a small place called Kolgaon, which is famous for Sadguru Miyan Saheb's durgah. This is fine example of Hindu Muslim unity. This great saint was Muslim by birth and religion, but he could attract devotees and desciples from all religions and sects.

He was born on 18 February 1890. His original name was Mohammad Abdullah Rajguru.  After his matriculation, he sought job as an oversier in the engineering department of Sawantwadi's princely state. But he had intriguing spiritual indination from the very young age. Sitaram Mayekar Maharaj was his spiritual Guru. He believed, all religions are not only products but means leading to 'One God'. This preaching made his popular in almost every religion and seat.
   He had great mastery and contemplation on Marathi Saint Literature. In 1945 he passed away. His disciples erected his memorial in Kolgaon. There are yearly celebrations on the oceasions of Guru–poornima (full moon) and this great saint's death anniversary.

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