Ganga, Rajapur

Rajapur Ganga, one of the nature’s wonder descends when She wants, stays as long as She wishes to, and disappears when She decides. It is believed that Ganga descends to meet Lord Shiva of Dutpapeshwar temple. Devotees never miss a chance to take bath in the holy water of Ganga. They believe their sins are washed away with the blessings of Ganga Mata (Divine Mother).
This well-known holy spot near Rajapur has Kashi kunda (water store) and 13 other kundas. Six gallons of water comes every minute in each of these kundas during Ganga’s presence. All 14 kundas are dry throughout year. Even during rainy season not a single drop of water stays in these kundas. When Ganga appears, all kundas are filled with water and celebration starts. Interesting thing to note is that temperature of water in kundas varies from one to another even though these are so close to each other.

This holy spot is located on the top of hill and walk towards it through tree lanes is very beautiful. There is also a road that goes to the top for people who prefer vehicle to reach there. A half a mile below Rajapur Ganga, visitors first visit “Ushnodak Tirth” which is a continuous flowing hot water stream running throughout the year in Unhale village. Separate arrangements have been made for men and women to take bath in this water. Temperature of water in “Ushnodak Tirth” is 42.8 degrees. This water contains small amount of Sulphur in it and therefore it is believed to have medicinal values. People with skin and arthritis problems can benefit from taking bath in this water. After taking bath, visitors proceed towards Ganga either by walk or by vehicle.
Rajapur Ganga first descended in March 1883, and stayed for around 68 days. It used to descend every 2-3 years after that. Then it descended in 1936 after 1918 with 18 years of gap. Since 1945, it has been descending for every 2 to 3 years. It appeared on May 28, 2009 and was there for around 20 days. 
Recently, Ganaga at Rajapur discended on April 11, 2012 after 321 days from her last appearance.
This phenomenon has been inviting scientists to research further.

Getting there:
It’s 3 k.m. from Rajapur village. State transportation buses are available from Rajapur to go to this spot. Visitors first get down at “Ushnodak Tirth” in Unhale village to take hot water bath and then walk half a mile towards Ganga which is on top of the hill.  “Ushnodak Tirth” is a naturally formed hot water spring, located on Mumbai-Goa highway.

Good accomodation and food is available in Rajapur.

Places to see nearby:
Dhutpapeshwar Shiva Temple:
There is a very old Shiva temple in Dhopeshwar across the river near Rajapur village. It has a Swayambhu (means which appears itself) Shivlinga.

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