Dutch Wakhar

Since historial times, Vengurla is famous for its commercial harbour.  Obviously this fact attracted foreigner's commercial interest, therefore in 16th century, Dutch merchants arrived at this harbour.  At that time, this area was raled by Adilshaha of  Vijapur.  Leendart Janszoons was leader of Datch merchants, he secured permission for building store house.
It was built in 1655 A. D. It's still there, but in rained condition.  Already there was a small store house built in 1938 A. D. It got crumbled, hence new store house, with strong fortification was built.  At that time it costed for 3000 gilders. It was built in such a way that, it could be used as store- house as well as castle. For security reasons, there were ten cannons, two hundred guns, plus there were African slaves and Indian guards too. It has Portuguese style architecture.
This store house is of historical importance. Many contemporary politicians, diplomats used to come here for political discussions. There was international trade with countries like Japan, Persia etc. This store house cum business center had played big role in increasing this trade manifold. This fact bestows prime significance to the ancient harbour.

In 1682, Dutch built another small store house in Malvan, which is yet another important harbour. After Dutch left Vengurla, Sawantwadi's ruler Raje Khem Sawant took control of this historic store house. Then it went under the control of British rule. In British regime it was used as government offices. In post independance era too, it was serving the same purpose. In 1974, Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI) took the rains of this old structure but due to lack of proper care, now its on the verge of extinction.

Getting there:
By Air : Nearest Airport Goa –Dabholi 112 Km
By Rail : Nearest railway station-Sawantawadi 24 Km
By Road: Mumbai to Vengurla 524 Km
Places to see nearby:
1) Reddi Ganesh Temple - 30 Km  2) Bhogve Beach - 22 Km  3) Sagar Bunglow  

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