Banda, Sawantwadi

The town named Banda has many historical connections.  It's located on the Bombay Goa National Highway No. 17.  It's 12 k.m. away from Sawantwadi. It is situated on the Sindhudurga (Maharastra) and Goa Border and on the bank of Terekhol creek.  It's history and nature are major attractions.  In historical time, Banda was Taluka place.  It was administrative centre for some 125 odd villages.  This town has endured many invasions. It has sustained the political conflicts of various regimes like Dutch, Portuguise, British, Adilshahi and Moghuls.
Shri. Bandeshwar is the village deity.  In Banda, on the high mountain there is temple and memorial of Shri. Ram Swami. This trip on the mountain can treat you with beautiful landscapes of Goa and Insuli. Nature's bounty will surely soothe tired eyes and drained soul. In Banda, there is small citadel, built in Vijaynagar empire. Now there is Banda's Police Station.

In Adilshaha's reign, Banda was known as "Diwansahebi". Once upon a time, it was known as "Adilabad" tool but in other periods, the name "Banda" was prevalent.
In 1411 A.D. Portuguise invaded Banda and won it.  Still in Banda, many mosques and steepls exist as recollection of bygone era.  These stand as fine examples of architecture. There is one famous steeple called " Rede Ghumat (Steeple)". In Adilshahi period, it was known as 'Rose Ghumat'  
There is another "Bail Ghumat" too.  It's still standing there with the same glory. It was built in 16th century.  It's 250 feet high. This structure was surrounded with garden (known as "Chaman"). Flowers from this garden were used to sent to Vijapur, capital of Adilshai regime.
Dutch used the Banda's citadel as storehouse. In 12th century, under Vijaynagar empire Banda was recognised as an important centre for various political happenings.
In 1570 A. D. Adilshah with the help of Nijamshah attacked Portuguise. He seiged Portuguise's centre in Goa.  But finally Adilshah was defeated. At this hour Portuguise set fire to Adilabad (i. e. Banda).  In Moghul period, Band was rejuvenated.
Nearby Banda, on vapholi – Bilawade, there is Subhedar's mansion.  In this mansion still one can see swords, shields, darts etc. war implements. Here one can visit the temple of great saint Sohirabanth Ambiye. His another temple is at Insuli, where he had divine appearance of Gahininath. 

Getting there: 

By Road: Sawantwadi - Banda: 12 k.m.   Mumbai - Banda: 534 k.m.  Panji - Banda: 60 k.m.
By air: Nearest Airport is Dabholi (Goa):    95 k.m.
By Railway: Nearest Railway Station is Sawantwadi Road (Malgaon): 8 k.m.

Coordinates: 15°48′45.85″N 73°51′40.78″E
Country India
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneIST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code02363

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